FTP upload instructions

An FTP account will have been setup for you and credentials emailed to you. Standard ingest for mixes and masters is 24/32 bit wav at samples rate between 44.1khz – 96khz. Delivery is always Redbook (44.1khz@16 bit and source @ 24 bit). Other delivery formats can be discussed upon request for an additional fee.Use a GUI client such as FileZilla to connect and login and upload a Folder containing the following items:


  • folder containing wav multi tracks (up to 24 for a mix, single stereo pre master with no bus processing, up to 8 stereo stems for stem mastering, with applicable references tracks)
  • text file containing package contents, song title, track count, song tempo and key as well as any other notes for engineer and song reference links
  • auxiliary media (MIDI parts, diagrams for recall, patches, plugin settings, pdf, DAW session files – to be discussed with engineer beforehand)